Q. If I have paid registration at another Basketball Association will that cover my rego at SBL ?

No. SBL is one of the largest privately owned basketball competitions in Australia and operates with its own rules and registrations! Standard basketball rules are in accordance with Fiba with some minor variations (see the “Basketball Rules” page for all variations to the Fiba rules.)

Q. How are you able to take our Summarised Statistics?

The SBL has developed its own stat taking app which records points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. After the game this is instantly loaded to the website for everyone to see. Career stats are kept for all players who play games in the SBL!

Q. Does SBL require uniforms to participate in the league?

Yes – you MUST have matching uniforms with clearly marked numbers. The main reason for this is so that SBL can take stats for each player in each game. If possible, please have reversible singlets with numbers on both sides. Matching shorts however, are not required. We have an excellent uniform supply partner, email info@sbl.com.au for their details.